Do you know what people want more than anything? They want to be missed. They want to be missed the day they don’t show up. They want to be missed when they’re gone.

Seth Godin (via swissmiss)

this took me forever but i’m p happy with how it turned out !!!
from a small list of things that i normally would hide by flatsound


i will not give you
cut flowers
but i will plant
in the dead dirt
beneath your

i will put everything
i need for one night
in my backpack
and then i will stay
out for a whole week.

i hope that the sound
of the rain reminds you
of your bones and then
makes you forget

and i hope that august
is holding you
in all of the ways that
i want to.



confidence is key • slime, U.S.A

dal lake, srinagar, kashmir


I want so badly for people to know and care that I’m Here that I Exist and that I’m working hard and to notice me and to ask me if I’m okay and to hold my hands sometimes and make me some coffee and soup and tell me I matter but that stopped happening after I turned like 16 and that’s fucked up…


my thirteen year old self played a really fucked up prank on my 20 year old self by downloading 4 songs by The Medic Droid

One day, when all the continents have been buried in ocean, we’ll slowly float past each other in our little boats, hearing our own hearts in each other’s chest, and watch each other like stars we don’t know are dead.

Zachary Schomburg, from "The Black Hole," published in Fou (via sarahjeanalex)

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